Location Hyderabad
Capacity2500 seats
Scope of WorkInteriors of Auditorium & Foyers
Completion Date2014
One of the largest Auditoriums in the country with the seating split over 2 levels. Innovative double layered false ceiling design to amalgamate the stunning aesthetics of the lower layer and services & acoustical requirements of the upper, unobtrusive layer. Side walls have a geometric mural pattern in a vibrant colour palette.


Location  Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan
Capacity 1050 seats
Scope of Work Complete Building, Interior & Landscape Design
Completion Date 2016
A one-of-a-kind auditorium in Northern India with elaborate facilities for a variety of performances like musical extravaganzas, operas, symphonies and similar large-scale theatrical presentations. This 1000+ seater auditorium is designed on highly specialized acoustical parameters and has state-of-the-art audio-video equipment. The ceiling has an innovative design comprising of metallic & wood-fibre elements which harmoniously connect with the side wall treatment.


Location Hyderabad
Capacity303 seats
Scope of WorkComplete Building, Interior & Landscape Design
Completion Date2016
Designed specifically for seminars, Q&A sessions and interactive presentations, the auditorium sports a thrust stage enveloped on three sides with the seating area for better interaction between the audience and the stage occupants. Provided with latest audio & video equipment with provision for surround sound and professional video projection. Foyers are embellished with artworks based on Indian dance forms and a dominant Sun Mural.


Location  Kochi, Kerala
Capacity 2500 seats
Scope of Work Interiors of Auditorium & Foyers
Completion Date 2020
The largest auditorium in Kerala is the main performance & conference venue in the Rajagiri Educational Campus. Planned with a split-level ceiling to accommodate a dedicated light-bridge, the seating area is spread over one continuous gradient of multi-coloured seats. Various curtain arrangements and combinations of lighting and utility bars provide multiple use options for the stage area. State-of-the-art audio-video provisions and efficient services systems make this a much-in-demand venue.


Location  Bengaluru
Capacity 750-150-50 seats
Scope of Work Complete Building & Interior Design
Completion Date 1995
Designed specifically for seminars & conferences, the main J N Tata auditorium sports a thrust stage enveloped on three sides with the seating area for better interaction between the audience and the stage occupants. In addition to this, smaller seminar halls are connected with naturally lit, multi-level foyer spaces making this an ideal conference venue. The roof of the main auditorium has been designed with a stepped profile enabling it to function as an amphitheatre.


Location Bengaluru
Capacity330 seats
Scope of WorkComplete Building & Interior Design
Completion Date1995
The JRD Tata Memorial Auditorium is part of the NIAS Campus. The design follows a unique grammar of tiled sloping roofs and arched corridors to blend-in with the other structures. The seating area is planned on a flat floor to enable multi-use of the space.


Location Mumbai
Capacity1200 seats
Scope of WorkComplete Building & Interior Design
Completion DateAwaited
Envisioned with vaulted ceilings and two-tier seating with a dedicated light-bridge and flexible stage lighting and partitioning systems, this mixed-use auditorium is planned as the main performance and event venue for the Institute of Chemical Technology’s Mumbai campus.


Location  Dharampur, Gujarat
Capacity 5500 persons
Scope of Work Auditorium Consultant
Completion Date Under-construction
One of the largest auditoriums in the country is being designed in collaboration with Serie Architects for Shrimad Rajachandra Mission. The large cylindrical interior volume is supported by four intersecting arches with the ceiling and walls embellished with veneer finished baffles in circular and stepped formation. The lower seating comprises a flat floor while the balcony has stepped seating.
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